We help Translators and Developers of Free Open Source software to collaborate, by offering them a workplace, the right tools and sound advice.

We believe that access to software in someone's native language has benefits for everyone.

It enables Developers to reach a new audience, thereby unlocking the full potential of open source software for many language groups


a workplace, the right tools
and sound advice

or learn howto


reach new audiences
speak open source for all

or learn howto

Before you can get started, you need to register at our hub at Transifex. Transifex is the platform we're using for the translations. It's being used by some high profile Open Source projects, and makes collaborating easy. Once registered, you can submit your own projects for translation. So you'll only need to register once.

  1. Go to the OpenTranslators portal on Transifex. You'll end up on the page below otrans001_register
  2. Click "Register" in the top menu. (See image above).
  3. You'll be taken to the login page (See image above). If you haven't registered before, you can do this now by clicking "sign up" next to the login form. 
  4. You are now asked to choose a plan. Choose the "free plan". All Joomla! extensions translated by http://opentranslators.org are GPL therefore are eligible for this option.Choose your Transifex Plan
  5. You’re now taken to the registration page. Fill in all the required fields, and agree with the Terms of Use when asked to.
  6. Once you're registered, you can change your profile settings, by going to "Dashboard". OpenTranslators uses Twitter for general communication and it does help us if you can provide your Twitter account and follow @opentranslators.otrans002a_register

What can you do ?

- Offer a language and translate
- Submit your software
- Any questions ? Use the forum
- Spread the word, use the media kit

Do you know ...

- How to use as a translator?
- How to use as a developer?

... that many extensions are already translated thanks to YOU

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