We help Translators and Developers of Free Open Source software to collaborate, by offering them a workplace, the right tools and sound advice.

We believe that access to software in someone's native language has benefits for everyone.

It enables Developers to reach a new audience, thereby unlocking the full potential of open source software for many language groups


a workplace, the right tools
and sound advice

or learn howto


reach new audiences
speak open source for all

or learn howto

Before you can get involved in one of the translation projects of Open Translators, you'll need to be a member of one of our teams. You can either join an existing team or create a new team. Teams are always tied to a language.

Join a team

You can join a translation team, by following the following steps. You can be a member of more than one team at once.

  1. Go to the Open Translators portal, at https://opentranslators.transifex.net/
  2. Go to the "OpenTranslators" page, as indicated on the image below. Click the link otrans003_Translation_Center_an
  3. Once on the "OpenTranslators" page, you've got three tabs you can select. Click the "Teams" tab OpenTranslator tabs
  4. You can now see an overview of the different teams you can join. Click the team you'd like to joinotrans005_teampage_an
  5. Once you're on the Team page, click "Join this Team". Your request to join the team will be submitted. Once your request is accepted, you'll be added to the team and you'll have access to the team page. You'll also be able to translate projects on behalf of the team that you've joined. Remember that you can be part of more than one team, should you chose sootrans006_team_join_an

What can you do ?

- Offer a language and translate
- Submit your software
- Any questions ? Use the forum
- Spread the word, use the media kit

Do you know ...

- How to use as a translator?
- How to use as a developer?

... that many extensions are already translated thanks to YOU

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