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We believe that access to software in someone's native language has benefits for everyone.

It enables Developers to reach a new audience, thereby unlocking the full potential of open source software for many language groups


a workplace, the right tools
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Creating a project is done from within your account page. There's two methods to create a project and add the resources: the "Basic" way and the "Advanced way". To use the basic way, you'll need a source language file in the .po or .pot format. Creating this type of files will not be covered by this documentation.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you're logged in.
  2. To create a project, you need to go to your account, by clicking on your username at the top Create a project
  3. On your account page, look for the + symbol Add a project

Basic Method

The basic method is the fastest method of adding your resource files. You need a language source file in .PO or .POT format for this to work. If this file is configured properly, setting up your project will be seamless.

In the "Basic" tab, paste the link to your language source file. Your file will have to be published on a public server so it can be processed. After you've pasted the URL, click the "Guess the details" button. The information of the .PO file will be automatically imported; and the language resources will be set up.

Advanced method

The Advanced method requires more work. You'll need to enter all the project information manually, and then add the resource files.

  1. On the "Advanced tab", fill in all the required fields for your Project.  Only the fields with a * are mandatory.
  2. When the fields are filled in, click the "Save project" button Add a project
  3. You will have to add your resources manually. You'll be taken to your project page where you can start adding the language files.

In case you ever need to get to your project page manually, follow these steps:

  1. Click your username
  2. On your account page, click the project under "Projects"

On the project page, click the "create resource" button


Once you click the "Create resource" button, extra options will be available as you can see in the screen below. To add the language source, do the following:

  1. In the dropdown for "Select language", select the language of the Source file. Note: The "Resource language" will be marked as translated in Transifex.
  2. Next, click "Upload file". Browse for the source file on your desktop, and upload it. Transifex supports various types of source files, including .INI files used for Joomla!
  3. Once the language file is uploaded, click Create resource otrans0016_addresource

You're almost done! This file is now ready to be translated by the various translation teams. All you need to do now, is assign your project to OpenTranslators.

What can you do ?

- Offer a language and translate
- Submit your software
- Any questions ? Use the forum
- Spread the word, use the media kit

Do you know ...

- How to use as a translator?
- How to use as a developer?

... that many extensions are already translated thanks to YOU

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