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Link to this post 09 Dez 11

We are worked on the hungarian translation, but after EasyBlog moved to OpenTranslators, who was before the EasyBlog hungarian translation team not able to continue his/her work. One of the users and me was before in the team, but neither us can continue it. Also on my Transifex dashboard EasyBlog still listed as a live project, but the link is pointing to the old (before OpenTranslators) page. Because of this I can't edit, delete or remove myself from it.

Can somebody fix this please?

Sándor (@pcpilothu)
Coordinator of the Hungarian OpenTranslators team

Link to this post 09 Dez 11

Hello Sándor

We are sorry you are having problems. May we just confirm the link that is correct for StackIdeas/OpenTranslators EasyBlog project?

That is the official project maintained by StackIdeas.

There is however another Easy Blog project (note the space between the words) that is not connected with StackIdeas or OpenTranslators and whose files do not come from StackIdeas:

We notice that ep98 has assigned that project to another group of translators.

Do you think that this is where the problem or confusion could be?

Before EasyBlog was on Transifex, all their translations were done via their website. I can see that StackIdeas added a part Hungarian translation to Transifex when they moved to OpenTranslators which I assume had already been submitted direct to their website. As a test, we just added OpenTranslators to your Hungarian Team and are not seeing an issue continuing that translation.

Could you check this out please? If you want to contact us on skype for speed, please do - one of our skype contacts: hils.cheyne

Thank you for bringing this subject up and congratulations on growing the Hungarian Team so quickly!


Link to this post 09 Dez 11

Thanks for your fast reply!

So, I had a same links as you, this is to the EasyBlog and this is to a hungarian team.

The second link for the translation teams, which said "This project is not using Translation Teams". The project link just fine, but after I choose en-GB.com_easyblog.ini then I clicked to the hungarian, the "Translate now" button is grey and it said I had to be logged in and be a member of the team.

I'm not involved with ep98's work. Screenshot attached.


  1. jpg
Link to this post 09 Dez 11

Just spotted the problem!

StackIdeas, when loading their existing translations, have used xx rather than xx_XX as Joomla uses.

So perhaps you are trying to translate the hu and of course that team does not exist in OpenTranslators.

We will report this to StackIdeas (they are already alerted to this thread) to get it and others changed. This might take a little time as it is around 2100hrs in Singapore at the moment but it will be done as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for alerting us to this problem.

Link to this post 09 Dez 11

Sure thing, no problem at all! Thanks for your help! :)

Link to this post 11 Dez 11

Hi Sándor,

Thanks for reporting to us. We noted on your concerns and please allow us some time to resolve this.

We will post a reply again once we have a solution. Meanwhile, let me thank you on behalf of the StackIdeas team for taking the initiative to translate EasyBlog. :)

Link to this post 16 Dez 11

Hello Sándor,

StackIdeas have now moved existing xx translations to xx_XX teams so the problem should be resolved!

Thank you again for letting us know!

OpenTranslators Team

Link to this post 16 Dez 11

Thanks for all who involved to fix this problem, we can continue to work on the project. :)

Sándor Balikó

Link to this post 23 Jul 12

Hi Sándor and the Hungarian Team,

Thanks for putting in your effort to help translate our popular blog component EasyBlog!

We've made it easier for you now by activating Auto Translate! We hope AT will help you and your team translate faster and EASIER this time. We did a blog post to announce it

Looking forward for having your translations soon, for the benefit of your fellow Hungarian Joomla bloggers. ;)

Let us know if you need any assistance.

Link to this post 23 Jul 12


Thank you for asked what's up with us and we are greatly appreciate your help! This week I got a bit more free time, so lets get to the 100% translation. :)


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